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Tromping through a daily swamp of negativity and depression …Not to mention trying to work through the things I carried home from the war in Afghanistan…I was sinking, I needed to escape… but before I gave up…

“I want Cotton Candy”
was my daughter’s 8th birthday request.

I had a light bulb moment. Giving everything that I could, as a provider for my family of 4, I did what every man would do. I called on the many superpowers of my wife. With our heads together and Kristen in the captain’s seat we set forward. We went all in on pink sugar in May 2021. We found something that brought fulfillment to us and our community.

Our mission is simple. We want to spread joy, positivity & make someone’s day better. Bring back that childhood magic or hand it to someone who has never been able to have it in the first place. Breathe life into the world around us.

Choosing Joy.

Cotton candy is awesome but how do we make it better? Bringing flavors to the foreground of the mouth’s experience is what sets us apart. Mouth watering flavors wrapped up in those fluffy, playful clouds is momentary perfection. A vacation in a treat, for the tiny to the tall, the young and old alike. Bulging, bright eyes & giant smiles! This is why we do it. We serve all the positivity we can muster!

Keeping life sweet.
Our love sent, received, and reciprocated,
Matt & Kristen Fowler